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Direct primary care is a patient physician relationship that is more personalized and accessible than what most are familiar with today in a traditional fee for service clinic. For an affordable monthly membership fee that covers 85-90% of primary health care services the direct primary care physician works only for the patient with easy access and relaxed and more comprehensive visits allowing for a better healthcare experience and a higher quality of care.
The terms are often used interchangeably. All models focus on putting the patient first and choose to work only for the patient but carry different benefits, costs and services.

- Primary Care Office Visits

- Comprehensive Annual Exams emphasizing prevention and personal health goals

- Discounted in-office tests and treatments

- Discounted labs

- Discounted medications through Highgate Apothecary

- Physician and Staff who know you

- Same or next day appointments

- 24/7 access to your doctor

- Email, phone, virtual communication with your doctor

- Small practice size

- Age 12-19 = $30/month (with parent/guardian membership)

- Age 20-44 = $50/month

- Age 45-64 = $75/month

- Age 65+ = $100/month

Health insurance is not health care. We have been conditioned to think that having health insurance means getting health care. That is no longer true. With high deductible insurance plans, health care costs often come directly out of pocket in the form of co payments and other fees because people never actually reach their annual deductible requirements. Our goal is to help you avoid or minimize severe or chronic conditions that trigger high out of pocket costs, to improve access to your own personal physician and to deliver a better patient experience and outcome.

Patients are seen the same or next day in most cases.

Visits typically last from thirty to ninety minutes. We will allow for whatever time you need or appointments may also be quick if you are in a hurry.

We prefer that you call us first to tell us you need to be seen so we can make sure your physician has all the time needed to address your concerns. If you do not have an appointment and must be seen by a physician, we will do our best to find a slot in the schedule.

Yes. We are an ideal primary care solution for families and offer Family Memberships at a discount. We provide child and adolescent, youth and collegiate health services including yearly checkups, sports and camp physicals, sore throats, allergies, asthma and much more.

Always call 911 if you are having a medical emergency. You may contact yourMD physician by cell phone after hours for urgent health concerns. You may contact yourMD physician by email for less urgent concerns. You may contact our office during regular hours by phone and email. Regular office hours can be found on our contact page.

yourMD will be the quarterback of your care and will coordinate referrals to specialists if needed.

While yourMD physician will be available to you by phone and email, there may be medical situations that require more advanced care than he can provide in the office. In these cases, you would be advised by the doctor to present to an Emergency Room. In the event of a medical emergency, patients are advised to call 911 before calling our office so that evaluation and treatment can begin as soon as possible by EMS. yourMD physician does not directly admit patients to the hospital. Please let us know if you are admitted. Even if we are not the treating physician, we want to always be aware of your healthcare activities.

yourMD physicians and our staff are available to answer phone calls, messages and help coordinate your health care needs even when out of town. There will always be a physician available locally if needed.

Each patient member pays annual or monthly membership fees.

There are no co-pays or additional costs for most tests and services that are included in your membership fee. Medication prescriptions filled at our in-house pharmacy carry a small cost outside of your membership fee. When there is fee for a test or service, we will notify you beforehand.

Currently membership fees cannot be reimbursed by insurance plans and health savings accounts cannot be used to pay membership fee. That said, insurance reimbursement and tax laws change and evolve over time. We recommend you consult with your insurance broker.

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